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Is it a problem or is it a PROBLEM when to call in an expert

Is it a problem or is it a PROBLEM: when to call in an expert

Here’s the thing with home inspections: just because it’s a problem, doesn’t mean it’s a PROBLEM.

A problem is a rust ring around a toilet – easy fix.

A PROBLEM is a leaky pipe.

Sometimes the distinction is clear, and sometimes…not so much. So how do you know when you need to call in an expert?

What a Home Inspector Does and Doesn’t Do

First, let’s go over what an inspector actually does.

We DO look at your home and take note of its overall health: what does it look like, is there any damage, is anything not working, etc.

We DO NOT give you a list of repairs you HAVE TO MAKE to sell your home.

Many people mistakenly assume a home inspection report is a to-do list. Nope! It really is just a report. What you do with that information is up to you. Which brings us to…

When to Call in An Expert

Now I did just say that a home inspection report isn’t a to-do list. But a home inspector can give you some high-level pointers. We look at a lot of houses and know what to look out for in terms of what’s fine as-is, what you should patch up, and what you should probably get fixed.

That being said, there are a few major elements of your home that can make or break a sale if there’s something wrong. Generally we recommend that if your home inspection report turns up major problems with any of the following, you take the next step to reach out to an expert for repairs:

  • Rundown or missing roofing
  • Foundation problems
  • Plumbing issues (especially sewer lines)
  • Pest infestation
  • Code violations
  • HVAC or heating problems
  • Electrical system/wiring

These are all things that are hard (or dangerous) to DIY yourself and are typically things that buyers are on the lookout for.

That being said, you should run all of your questions and issues of concern by their your agent and if you have further question they can always run it by the inspector. They can give you better pointers than a highly generalized blog post.

I’m just sayin’

Titan Home Inspections

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If you or anyone you know needs a fun and experienced home inspector that can do sewer scopes as well, give us a call. We offer as low as $300 Flat Rate inspections and to date have earner over 2,000 5 STAR ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reviews.

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Brian Dodds is licensed home inspector & owner of Titan Inspection Services with over 20 years’ experience in construction trade building and house renovation. Titan Inspection services is based in Washington state and serves Seattle, Olympia, North Bend, Kitsnap County and everything in between.

Every house has a story. What’s your home’s story?