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Choosing the right home inspector can be difficult. Unlike most professionals you hire, you probably won’t meet us until our appointment. Furthermore, different inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods, and pricing.

We often say, every house has a story, and when you can identify the clues to that story through experience, you can help the owners/buyer make better decisions with their investment. We have a good understanding of the past and future issues associated with any given property based on the years of experience building and working on homes of all types. We can provide a much more in-depth and technical perspective when needed to give you the true condition of your property.

Appreciate both Tristan and Antoine for their help with inspection and pre-inspection services at different homes. Their reports were thorough (we used it as a checklist for home repairs) and included pictures of damages, as well as recommendations for fixing or contact info for a professional to fix. Professional, on-time for appointment slot, and friendly. Answered all of our questions, gave advice, and explained what they could in their realm of expertise.My feedback is that I wish they were more thorough with roof inspection. Our first home - A series of events and contractors has informed us that the roof is in worse condition than inspected, and that there are gaping holes near the chimney that is letting water in. I don't fault Titan, just wish they were more critical about an expensive repair.Despite the roof, I'd still highly recommend Titan Antoine or Tristan for the level of detail in the rest of the report. It's saved us a ton of money with their DIY recommendations!
Cali Chesterman
Cali Chesterman
21:24 13 Sep 22
Great experience with Titan. Get a quality inspector usually within a day of request. Very thorough and the inspectors explain everything in detail. Always on time and polite. The best inspection service out there..
Prashanth GanapathyRaj
Prashanth GanapathyRaj
03:07 09 Aug 22
I have used Titan Inspection Services several times and they have always been consistent with their communication, timeliness, scheduling capabilities, expertise. Shout out to Kent Deason for his helpfulness at one of my listings.As a real estate agent, we rely on Titan Inspection Services for their guidance when it comes to helping clients know the health and condition of the property they are buying and to also give additional insight to our seller clients when they list their houses for sale. It's a no brainer, their price and services is what sets the standard for me.
Gelly Lirio
Gelly Lirio
22:35 15 Jul 22
Wish we could give Titan more than 5 stars! Antoine provided excellent service when he inspected our home. He was very knowledgeable, intentional and professional. He engaged with us and answered all of our new homeowner questions. His inspection report is very detail oriented and thorough. He even included notes and repair recommendations. We highly recommend Antoine and the Titan team! Thank you so much!
Samantha Lozano
Samantha Lozano
19:58 30 Jun 22
Emmitt Medina was incredible. He provided a short video summary to our real estate agent to send us summarizing the inspection. The report included well over 100 items (includes normal findings), and anything abnormal (and even some normal items) included information on how to repair and pitfalls to avoid in trying to make said repairs. Everything included pictures for each inspection item. He was responsive over the phone, provided ample heads up before his arrival, and set up our appointment within 48 hours of our purchase offer being accepted for our new home. We could not be happier with this company, and we highly recommend you ask for Emmitt!
Jeremy Gallman
Jeremy Gallman
20:16 09 Jun 22


We inspect roof coverings, structure, gutters, downspouts, leaks and more.


Insulation and ventilation. We check for rodent damage,mold, water damage from a leaky roof, the condition of the insulation, and the condition of the roof from the bottom.


We check to see if you need to do some land grading near your house’s foundation to correct drainage issues


If there is no basement, we go into the crawlspace to investigate the condition of the foundation.


Learn about the three levels of chimney inspection as laid out by the National Fire Protection Association.


Walkways, exterior doors, eaves, soffits, fascia and more.


Built-in appliances, doors, windows, flooring and more.


Sinks, tubs, faucets, shut-off valves and more.


We check the service drop, mast, meter & base, grounding, outlets and more.


All major heating and cooling systems to make sure you get them in working order.


We make sure your hub for home repair is in good repair.


The deck is for relaxing. Make sure you can relax about your deck’s condition.

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