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Hi, I’m Brian Dodds, the owner of Titan Inspection Services. I’ve been working in construction trade building and renovating houses for over 20 years. Everything from million dollar custom homes to residential remodels to Fix and Flip projects. Each one has a different need: Million dollar homes have extremely discretionary buyers with attention to detail, Remodel Clients are usually living in their homes while you work and have a specific goal and budget to work with, and Fix and Flip Investors usually want to do everything as cheap as possible but make it look nice. 

Industry experience in how things are built and knowing what to look for is a great skill to have as a home inspector. We work long and hard going through house after house and learning all of the slight differences that we may see and how to convey our findings so you’re not over thinking stuff, but also understanding when things are not a big deal. All of our inspectors have over 1000 inspections under their belt.

We often say, “Every house has a story,” and when you can identify the clues to that story through experience, you can help the owners/buyer make better decisions with their investment. We have a good understanding of the past and future issues associated with any given property based on the years of experience building and working on homes of all types. We can provide a much more in-depth and technical perspective when needed to give you the true condition of your property.

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