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Ready to Answer You Mon-Sun 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Why get a sewer scope inspection?

I read somewhere that everyone poops. And if we all do, then that means it’s all gotta go somewhere.

In your home, that’s down the sewer line. That’s usually the end of the story for most homeowners, but eventually the special time may come in your life when you need to consider your sewer line and have someone take a look.

What is a sewer scope inspection?

Before you can know if you need something, you need to know what the thing is. Luckily, a sewer scope inspection is exactly what it sounds like: it’s an inspection of your sewer line.

To make it even more simple: an inspector or plumber runs a special scope through your sewer that has a light and camera on it. Then we look at what we see.

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Why get a sewer scope inspection?

Most people are going to get a Home Inspection before they sell a home or buy a new one. At this time, people often will get the sewer line scoped as well to know what they have in terms of the sewer lines condition. Even if you are not buying or selling a home, it is never a bad idea to give yourself a clear picture of what shape the sewer line is in by hiring someone who can scope your line for you and give you feedback on its current condition. If the sewer line has roots in it. is faulty or partially backed up, or even broken or disconnected, that can mean that you might need a costly fix. It is never a bad idea to get a VERIFICATION of the condition of your sewer line.

Sometimes you may notice the symptoms of a faulty sewer line:

  • Sounds of running water
  • Strange smells when using plumbing
  • Water draining slowly or backing up

Sometimes you might not immediately notice any of these warning signs, but that doesn’t mean the line is clear. The last thing you want is a surprise coming from the sewer line.

The main reason to get a sewer scope inspection is simple: you can’t see the problem from the outside. There are a ton of reasons why a sewer line might be backed up that you won’t be able to see unless you peek inside.

Why a sewer line may be faulty:

  • It was installed incorrectly
  • It was repaired in the past
  • Tree roots have broken through
  • Excess build-up or stuck objects
  • Has the line settled, creating low spots
  • The way the house is tied into the sewer and septic system

These are all potential issues that would be unable to determine without a proper sewer scope or evidence of a backed up sewer line.

Do I need a sewer scope inspection?

Well, if you’re about to spend a lot of money on something – like, say, buying a house – it’s worth the extra $$ to make sure there isn’t something majorly wrong that’s going to cost you way more money down the line or backup at some inopportune time. :/

I’m just sayin’

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